Has Your House Listing Expired?

Has your house listing expired? We know… it’s frustrating. You put a lot of effort into listing your house with an agent and getting everything ready forselling… but crickets. And now you’re back at square one. 🙁 But not all is lost… here are 4 things you can do with a home that won’t sell … Continued

Thinking About Downsizing ?

Thinking of downsizing? Want to live a bit more minimalist? Or maybe you’re preparing forretirement? Here are tips for downsizing and getting rid of stuff that’s difficult to get rid of… Start Early & Start Small — The more you procrastinate, the harder it’s going to be. You’regoing to have to sell a lot of … Continued

Costs Of Selling

Want to sell your home and get as much money as possible?What stinks is, selling your home can be EXPENSIVE… especially if there are a lot of things inyour house that you need to fix, replace, or upgrade. It’s not unusual for those costs to cut into the seller’s profit by up to $20,000 or … Continued

How Much Is Your House Really Worth?

How much is your house REALLY WORTH?Here are some tips for calculating the true value of your home in … Think Like an Appraiser — Appraisers are market-experts at determining the value of any givenhome. Primarily, they consider the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, total square footage, lotsize, age of the property, HVAC system, and … Continued

Tired Of Being A Landlord?

Being a landlord isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be… It seemed like such a good idea at first — you’d own one additional property, manage tenants, and make some extra cash every month.  Why not?  But then it became EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to find trustworthy tenants… repairs got out of hand… and let’s not even … Continued